Underground Sessions Podcast


Note* “Rush Blog” naming/branding subject to change

The main Blog page can be accessed from the main site menu:  ministries -> teens – > rush blog 

To add a new blog post, from the dashboard:

Blog Entries -> Add New

Title, Body, and Featured Image are all recommended.

Blog entries publish/unpublish just like other WordPress Posts (just with a separate content type)


—Note* the following info is mainly for Marc—

Content Layout Templates are found in: 

Templates and Theme Styling -> All AE Templates:

[BLOG] Main blog entries list layout (This is the main blog at ministries->teens->rush blog)

[BLOG] BLOG ENTRY LAYOUT (This is the layout for the blog if you’re viewing the actual blog entry on a single page)


RSS FEED: https://millingtonbaptist.org/blog-entry/feed/

Vimeo-Video Post Podcast Edit/update details

Publish Section:

Set video Published date to Sermon recorded date!

Sermon Video Categories: 

  • Explicitly used to identify:
    • sermon series
    • Speaker
    • (Also used behind-the-scenes to identify Series status)

Vimeo Video Categories:

  • Used to identify NON-SERMON videos


PODCAST EPISODE DETAILS (accordion section in “edit video”)

  • Episode Type: 
    • Audio
  • Podcast file: 
    • MP3 File goes here
  • Duration:
  • File Size:
  • Date Recorded: 
    • Use the pop-up date picker — defaults to today
  • Mark this epsiode as explicit
    • leave unchecked
  • Block this episode
    • leave unchecked
  • iTunes episode number
    • sermon number within series (e.g., 3rd sermon = 3)
  • iTunes episode title
    • Title – Speaker – Date mm-dd-yy
  • iTunes Season Number
    • Chronological season #
    • e.g., “His Kingdom Come” is Season 9
  • iTunes Episode Type
    • Full: For Normal Episodes

AV Workflow

MP3 ID3 Tags

Using MetaTogger Software:

Filename 00 Title – Speaker – date Use two-digit numerical date segments
Artist Speaker Name  
Title Sermon Title  
Album Sermon Series  
Track number Sermon number within series use two-digit numerical
Date Year user four-digit numerical
Album Artist Millington Baptist Church  
Comment use Blurb from WP  
FEED https://millingtonbaptist.org/feed/podcast or current podcast feed



(Using “MetaTogger” 5.9)








MP3 Encoding

After several rounds of trial and error the following conclusion was reached by MDV:

Using Audacity to convert MP4 to MP3

  • Bit Rate: Variable
  • Quality:  65-105kbps
  • Variable Speed: Fast
  • Channel Mode: Joint Stereo

The above settings produced a smaller audio file with minimum loss of audio quality.


Used Audacity for Windows to convert single AND batch-convert videos downloaded from Vimeo to MP3 Format.

NOTE* Audacity’s single file conversion options found under file->export.

Batch export found under Tools->macros

Video and MP3 FileName Convention

File Naming convention:

Episode# Title – Speaker – Series – Date.mpX

  • 04 Jesus Our King – Pastor Bob Erbig – Messiah – 12-23-18.mpX

Event/title – description – speaker – ministry – MM-DD-YY.mpX

  • Trunk or Treat 2018 – Promo – MBC Kids – 11-12-18.mpX
  • Gender Identity – Mark Yarhouse – Underground Sessions – 10-06-18.mpX
  • XMasBBQ 2018 – MBC Teens – 12-19-18.mpX
  • Tip 3 for Volunteers – MBC teens – 11-08-18.mpX


How To Add a Post

  1. Click Posts on left menu
  2. click Add New
  3. Title
  4. Content
  5. Set Image
  6. Set Categories
  7. Publish!