Vimeo-Video Post Podcast Edit/update details

Publish Section:

Set video Published date to Sermon recorded date!

Sermon Video Categories: 

  • Explicitly used to identify:
    • sermon series
    • Speaker
    • (Also used behind-the-scenes to identify Series status)

Vimeo Video Categories:

  • Used to identify NON-SERMON videos


PODCAST EPISODE DETAILS (accordion section in “edit video”)

  • Episode Type: 
    • Audio
  • Podcast file: 
    • MP3 File goes here
  • Duration:
  • File Size:
  • Date Recorded: 
    • Use the pop-up date picker — defaults to today
  • Mark this epsiode as explicit
    • leave unchecked
  • Block this episode
    • leave unchecked
  • iTunes episode number
    • sermon number within series (e.g., 3rd sermon = 3)
  • iTunes episode title
    • Title – Speaker – Date mm-dd-yy
  • iTunes Season Number
    • Chronological season #
    • e.g., “His Kingdom Come” is Season 9
  • iTunes Episode Type
    • Full: For Normal Episodes

MP3 ID3 Tags

Using MetaTogger Software:

Filename 00 Title – Speaker – date Use two-digit numerical date segments
Artist Speaker Name  
Title Sermon Title  
Album Sermon Series  
Track number Sermon number within series use two-digit numerical
Date Year user four-digit numerical
Album Artist Millington Baptist Church  
Comment use Blurb from WP  
FEED or current podcast feed



(Using “MetaTogger” 5.9)








MP3 Encoding

After several rounds of trial and error the following conclusion was reached by MDV:

Using Audacity to convert MP4 to MP3

  • Bit Rate: Variable
  • Quality:  65-105kbps
  • Variable Speed: Fast
  • Channel Mode: Joint Stereo

The above settings produced a smaller audio file with minimum loss of audio quality.


Used Audacity for Windows to convert single AND batch-convert videos downloaded from Vimeo to MP3 Format.

NOTE* Audacity’s single file conversion options found under file->export.

Batch export found under Tools->macros

Video and MP3 FileName Convention

File Naming convention:

Episode# Title – Speaker – Series – Date.mpX

  • 04 Jesus Our King – Pastor Bob Erbig – Messiah – 12-23-18.mpX

Event/title – description – speaker – ministry – MM-DD-YY.mpX

  • Trunk or Treat 2018 – Promo – MBC Kids – 11-12-18.mpX
  • Gender Identity – Mark Yarhouse – Underground Sessions – 10-06-18.mpX
  • XMasBBQ 2018 – MBC Teens – 12-19-18.mpX
  • Tip 3 for Volunteers – MBC teens – 11-08-18.mpX