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Welcome to The Pastor’s Table, our MBC church blog. As the pastors and leaders of MBC, our vision is to “Expand the Table … for the Glory of God.” We are passionate about loving Jesus, loving people, and extending an invitation to everyone God’s table.

This blog is our invitation to you to pull up a seat and have a conversation with us. Here you will find theological musings, ministry updates and pastoral encouragement for our church body and for our broader community.

Whether you are a Christian or just someone seeking truth and answers about God, we welcome you here to take a seat at our table. We hope our blog will inspire, encourage you and challenge you while you sit with us at the table.

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Recent Posts

What Masks Reveal About Our Spiritual Lives

Are Masks Cool… or Odd? When I was a child, I loved to wear masks. This reality can be attributed to the fact the I was a young boy who loved superheroes. After all, Batman wore a mask, Iron Man wore a mask, Spiderman wore a mask… masks were cool! Conversely, wearing a mask as

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Our Christian Hope in the Middle of a Pandemic (Part 4)

Previously on this blog we have discussed rightly interpreting the promises of God and the “already / not yet” model of the kingdom in this age. In this blog post, we will examine this question – how can we as Christians uniquely bring joy and hope even in the midst of deep sorrow? Let me

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