2020 Supreme Court Decisions- Jesse Nash- 7.15.2020

On this episode of the Underground Sessions Podcast, Pastor Bob interviews legal expert Jesse Nash on some important decisions handed down by the Supreme Court during the 2020 term. There are five important cases we cover in this episode: 

  1. June Medical Services vs. Russo
  2. Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue
  3. Our Lady of Guadalupe School v. Morrissey-Berru
  4. Little Sisters of the Poor v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  5. Bostock v. Clayton County

What impact will they have on religious liberty in the future? Listen to hear Jesse’s take. 

An Episcopalians Journey Into Faith- Father Rick Morley- 7.1.2020

This episode looks at the journey of Father Rick Morley into the Episcopalian tradition. Rick leads a local clergy council and Basking Ridge. He grew up in Ocean City, NJ and graduated from Saint Joseph’s University in 1996 with a BA in Theology and a BS in Psychology. Rick holds a MDiv from The Candler School of Theology at Emory University, which he received in 2002. He grew up in the United Methodist Church but became a member of the Episcopal Church in college, and has served as a priest in the Episcopal Church since 2002. Rick and his wife wife, Karen, just celebrated our 20th anniversary last week, and they have two daughters—one in High School and one in Middle School. Rick came to St Mark’s in Basking Ridge in 2009 and he enjoys painting, tennis, and hanging with our backyard chickens.

Home Education (Part 2)- Alex DePierro- 6.29.2020

In this episode, we continue our conversation about home education with Alex DePierro. Specific focus was given to Classical Conversations, as well as the challenges and benefits of home education with a large family. 

The Gospel and Government- Bob Erbig and Dave Hentschel- 6.4.2020

In this episode, Pastor Bob and Dave talk about how Christians should engage the government. This discussion involves a robust understanding of Scripture and the tradition you come from. They also discuss current events and offer resources for further study. 

20. The Journey of Home Education (Part One)- Mary Alice Landau & Ruth Lica- 5.26.2020

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, parents are having to wrestling with teaching their kids at home while at the same time working two jobs. People have taken to social media to talk about their “homeschooling” adventures. But… is this true home education? In this episode, Bob talks with homeschool veterans Mary Alice Landau and Ruth Lica about their experience and the benefits of home education.,  

19. The Post Christian Worldview’s Effects on Gen Z- MBC Family Ministry Team- 5.20.2020

In this episode, Pastor Bob talks with other members of MBC’s Family Ministry Team about the “Post Christian” world view that is shaping our youth. What is Post Christian? What are it’s effects on Gen Z? We will offer some definitions and considerations, as well as suggestions on how to tell a better story that captures the hearts of Gen Z. 




18. Lessons From Lebanon- Jayson Casper- 5.11.2020

In this episode, Bob speaks with Jayson Casper, the Middle East correspondent for Christianity Today. He reports on news at the intersection of religion, politics, and culture. He resides with his family in Beirut, Lebanon, having relocated recently following nine years in Cairo, Egypt. He has lived also in Tunisia, Jordan, and Mauritania, and appreciates the ministry God has given him to be a bridge between peoples who often misunderstand each other. He speaks Arabic, and has a MA in Islamic Studies.



16. A Word From Wuhan- Paul DeMena- 4.22.2020

In this episode, Pastor Bob speaks with Paul DeMena who runs an international school and clinic in Wuhan, China. Paul has ministered there for almost 20 years, and has been on the front lines of dealing with the COVID-19 Virus. Bob and Paul talk about his experience, as well as what to expect in the coming months here in the US. 

15. Pastoral Reflections on COVID-19- 3.27.2020

Bob is joined by fellow Pastors Peter Pendell, Chad Boudreaux, and Dave Hentschel to discuss the church’s impact and response to the COVID-19 Crisis. Topics we cover are: (1) Discovering Missional Opportunities in the Crisis (2) Developing Good Theology of Suffering (3) Artistic Reflections (4) Shepherding People well. 

Episode Notes:

Breakpoint Article– https://breakpoint.org/running-into-the-coronavirus-crisis-with-lettuce-and-love/?_hsenc=p2ANqtz–4qx1vpDV-NG_El03sU5zNqcVjGz_nrnuqsxXon1cjktYBIYoHfwcLRAHSWWgckSafgWTwlFNiYuaMhC4Fij6yFk4dyw&_hsmi=85302467   

Songs of Reflection: 

Lord from Sorrows Deep I Call https://youtu.be/KYGhnbXtqbU

My Worth Is Not in What I Own https://youtu.be/MV5x6M38ea8

Christ our Hope in Life and Death https://youtu.be/OibIi1rz7mw

I Will Wait for You https://youtu.be/l8pCbtLeXzc

Is He Worthy? https://youtu.be/OIahc83Kvp4

Build My Life https://youtu.be/Z32HiCoFzlU