Our next Mission Trip to Senegal, West Africa:

April 2-11

See below for more details.

April 2 – 11, Senegal, West Africa

We’re pleased to announce our 15th short-term missions trip to our partner village Langomack, where the Christians there look forward to our visits. They pray for us and appreciate that we come and join their lives for a week.


On this trip we will be:

  • visiting people
  • renewing friendships
  • helping with a “Kids Club.
  • working on school library
  • water projects.
  • join the Christians in the village
  • visit and pray for their neighbors. 

We will be staying in the city of Thies, in a nice dormitory in the large church. A 
van will take us back and forth to the village each day. We will spend time in the
capital city Dakar, and visit with some of our World Partners. 


The cost is $1800. We hope for a nice mix of “veterans” and “first-timers.” If you’d like to consider joining this trip, contact the church office or Paul Wilford (paul.wilford@nokia-bell-labs.com).

Passion for the Mission, locally & Globally.

Missions | We are committed to making a difference by empowering people to embrace God’s missional mandate to love and serve our neighbors around the corner and throughout the world. The MBC Missions Team is dedicated to supporting numerous World Partners, as well as strategic local ministries. Through short-term trips, we developed a focused partnership with the Senegal village of Langomac, serving through building projects, water irrigation, child enrichment and prayer.


How you can put your faith into action:

Serve with one of our 5 strategic local partners
Consider participating in our missions trips
Pray for our World Partners
Continue your financial gifts to MBC

Our missions are intended to motivate one another towards love and good deeds so that it may encourage Renewal, Growth, Connection & Action within community and the world around us.

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