Next Serving Opportunity:
November 2, 5pm

Relief Bus for August has been canceled.

Next serving opportunity is Sept. 7.

Next Serving Opportunity:
December 7, 5pm

Next Serving Opportunity:
January 4, 5pm

Serve with NYC Relief | The Relief Bus ( consists of two former school buses now customized into mobile resource centers to help the poor and homeless. Friendly faces serve up food and love demonstrating genuine care. This allows volunteers to discover other needs and then connect people to resources and faith-based programs which often transform lives and in many cases actually save lives.


The Relief Bus provides a first step to freedom and new life for those in great need. Volunteers from MBC help prepare the food and then go out on the Relief Bus to Newark, Harlem, and the Bronx on a regular basis – either monthly or more often.



MBC will serve on the Relief bus on the first Friday of the month. 

Email Dave Springer or text him at 908-331-0569.

There are many who describe the record number of people sleeping in NYC and NJ shelters, in parks, in train stations, and bus terminals, as a problem that needs to be solved. The Relief bus doesn’t exist to solve problems, but to love people.

NY City Relief converted two school buses into mobile outreach centers that go directly to those who are most vulnerable, lonely, and hurting to provide a meal, new socks, toiletries, and connections to resources that offer a way out. Week after week, rain or shine, the Relief Bus throws a party on the sidewalk for anyone and everyone with a very simple message:


“God has not forgotten you. You are not alone. Tomorrow can be better than today.”