Priority One: Growing together.

MBC is excited about growing together as a family by sharing our lives and learning experiences. We encourage authentic inward, outward and upward growth so we may become part of each other’s emerging stories. Pastor Dave Hentschel unpacks this vital aspect to our faith in his sermon below. 

Below are various ministries where you can ENGAGE in our community for purposeful Growth and Connection

Building relationships are a key to the learning process | Contact

Exploring intersections of faith, work & relationships Contact

Serving families with preschool children | Contact

Childcare & education from birth – 6th grade | Sundays, 9 & 10:30amContact
Meets quarterly for fellowship and breakfast | Contact
Monthly initiative targeting 5th and 6th grade children | Contact
Meet 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month, 5:30-7:30pm | Contact
Courageous conversations at the intersection of faith & culture | Contact
7th-12th grade | The Break–Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm, Rush Hour–Sundays, 9am in the lower level of the YFMB | Contact

Morning Break–Tuesdays, 9:15am | The Evening Edition–Tuesdays, 7pm | Contact

Music Camp: A summer week of music & drama for children in grades 2-8 | Contact

Alternating Sunday mornings programming for 5th and 6th grade children Contact
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Priority Statement: 
We desire to see 100% of members and regular attenders ENGAGED in one or more of our varied and vibrant spiritual growth or service ministries. 

  • Strategy 1: Grow wider in our number of those committed to serve by creating a culture with an abundance of volunteers for each ministry program.

  • Strategy 2: Grow in our stewardship by becoming a fully resourced church.

  • Strategy 3: Grow deeper in our faith by cultivating biblically based, relationally driven environments where the spiritual formation process can flourish.