15. Pastoral Reflections on COVID-19- 3.27.2020

Bob is joined by fellow Pastors Peter Pendell, Chad Boudreaux, and Dave Hentschel to discuss the church’s impact and response to the COVID-19 Crisis. Topics we cover are: (1) Discovering Missional Opportunities in the Crisis (2) Developing Good Theology of Suffering (3) Artistic Reflections (4) Shepherding People well. 

Episode Notes:

Breakpoint Article– https://breakpoint.org/running-into-the-coronavirus-crisis-with-lettuce-and-love/?_hsenc=p2ANqtz–4qx1vpDV-NG_El03sU5zNqcVjGz_nrnuqsxXon1cjktYBIYoHfwcLRAHSWWgckSafgWTwlFNiYuaMhC4Fij6yFk4dyw&_hsmi=85302467   

Songs of Reflection: 

Lord from Sorrows Deep I Call https://youtu.be/KYGhnbXtqbU

My Worth Is Not in What I Own https://youtu.be/MV5x6M38ea8

Christ our Hope in Life and Death https://youtu.be/OibIi1rz7mw

I Will Wait for You https://youtu.be/l8pCbtLeXzc

Is He Worthy? https://youtu.be/OIahc83Kvp4

Build My Life https://youtu.be/Z32HiCoFzlU