The Way of Wisdom, Sermon Series  

Have you ever been traveling around in a new place and suddenly felt lost and disoriented? Sometimes life can feel that way. There are new situations with each new season of life, filled with confusing decisions to make and crossroads that leave us at times puzzled, perplexed and paralyzed with indecision. What is the wise thing to do? The book of Proverbs is an ancient source of wisdom, compiled for the nation’s king, that still serves as a 21st century spiritual navigational tool. How do we avoid foolish choices? How do we handle our money in a godly way? How can we manage our emotions? This practical book is about how to conduct ourselves in our daily lives with all the routine issues which often baffle us in our parenting, our work and our conversations with others. We have a guide book from God Himself which shows us how to order our steps each day and please Him.  



4/19 Romans 9 (Part 1) ~ Sovereignty of God

4/26 –  Romans 9 (Part 2) ~ Sovereignty of God

5/3 –  Romans 9:30-10:21 ~ Our Responsibility / How will they hear?

5/10 – Romans 11:1-36 ~ The Plan of the Ages (Mother’s Day)

5/17 – Romans 12:1-2 ~ Living Sacrifices

5/24 – Romans 12:3-16 ~ Serving in the body / spiritual gifts

5/31 – Romans 13:1-7 ~ Our relationship with the World / The role of Government

6/7 – Romans 13:8-14 ~ It’s all about Love

6/14 – Romans 14-15:4 ~ Unity / Gray Areas / Christian Liberty

6/21 – Romans 14 (Part 2) ~ Father’s Day (Youth?)

6/28 – Romans 15:5   Concluding remarks

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Pastor Dave Hentschel kicks off our new series in Proverbs with his sermon entitled, Get Wisdom, based on Proverbs 1:17.
Proverbs 2020, Dave Hentschel

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