Shepherd's Freezer

A special thank you to all those who provide meals for the Shepherd’s Freezer. If you take a container, please take the time to make a meal and return it to the freezer as soon as possible so that we may continue to bless those in our congregation. Contact the Care Leadership Team with any questions.

The CARE Leadership Team Needs Your Help.
The Shepherd’s Freezer provides complete frozen meals to families in times of need
The Care Leadership Team is looking for volunteers who are willing to cook or deliver a hot meal to those in need in our church family. In addition to Hot Meals, Shepherd’s Freezer will be stocked with frozen meals to meet the needs of our church family. If you are unable to cook but would like to bless someone in this way, Costco has several pre-made meals that can be frozen and left in the kitchen in the freezer labeled “Shepherd’s Freezer. After the service, containers with instructions and cookbooks will be available in the narthex.


Contributions to this ministry ensure that our freezer is always stocked. Please consider serving this ministry by donating a meal. Many in our body are blessed, served and encouraged through this ministry so If you or someone you know needs a meal or has questions about the program, please contact us at

The Shepherd’s Freezer is located in the Kitchen of the main campus building. Contributors can deliver their prepared meals to the freezer themselves on Sundays or during office hours throughout the week.

Meal containers are available in the church kitchen.
You can also pick up a container before or after Sunday morning service or during office hours

  • The Shepherd’s Freezer accepts the following frozen meals/items: Frozen turkey breasts or roasting chicken, Frozen family-size prepared meals from BJs or Costco, Homemade casseroles, meatloaf, macaroni & cheese, chicken or pasta entrees,Homemade soups, Homemade breads, cookies, or pound cakes.


  • Grocery Store Gift Cards: The Shepherd’s Freezer & Pantry welcomes donations of grocery store gift cards. Gift cards from Shop Right or Stop & Shop are recommended. Gift cards should be hand delivered to the church office designated for the Shepherd’s Freezer Ministry.


  • Donations: Monetary donations toward the purchase of ziploc containers for distribution to those preparing meals are welcome!
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Hot Meals Ministry

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