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Sunday Morning Seminars & Classes

Classes are held at 9am on Sunday mornings.

Back to School doesn't just apply to excited students, relieved parents, and hopeful retailers as summer comes to an end; it also speaks to many growth opportunities available to adults here at MBC. The path of solid spiritual growth should include a regular immersion in God’s word, whether in the form of a Bible book study or lessons on topics which explore how the truth of Scripture applies to our daily lives.

The following are our Adult Education offerings for this fall. Older, younger and in-between are welcome in all classes. Learning is built on a combination of formal instruction and personal relationships that develop as the result of the classes. Review the list, and decide how to best take advantage of what these classes have to offer.

  • Women’s Class - Barbara Zellman
    Great Room, YFMB - 1Timothy 

    Are you someone’s spiritual child? Do you have a spiritual child? Timothy was Paul’s! Our study will help us understand how we can grow spiritually, and how we can mentor others in their spiritual walk with the Lord. Come join our family! 
  • Men’s Class - Bruce Hyldahl
    Room 204, YFMB - 1John
    Loving your neighbor starts with loving God. It's all about obedience.

  • Building Disciples - Maceo Hemmingway
    Room 202, YFMB - Knowing Jesus
    Continuing with Knowing Jesus, reflections on the person, life and teachings of Jesus, using material from all four Gospels.

  • New! Foundations Course - Jack Kraus
    Room 201, YFMB - How to Study the Bible

    What words would describe your personal Bible study:  Mundane? Lackluster? Redundant?  OR Motivational? Lively?  Reviving? To move the answer from the first group to the second, you might need to develop some basic Bible study methods.  This course is based on the course developed by Howard Hendricks, and his text, Living By The Book.
  • Sunday Seminar - Jeff Callender
    Great Room, YFMB - Attributes of God
     A.W. Tozer once said "Whatever comes to your mind when you think about God is the most important thing about you." Is knowing God a priority in your life? Sadly we are living in a time when many people are missing the foundational knowledge of who God is. In this Sunday seminar we hope to answer that question. You will be challenged to go deeper in your faith and you will grow in your knowledge of the One True God.  We will be using Tozer’s book, The Knowledge of the Holy.