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MBC subscribes to the philosophy of shared leadership.
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The Pastoral Leadership Team (PLT):

MBC subscribes to the philosophy of plurality of leadership. Together, pastors & directors share in the responsibility for leading the day-to-day operations and ministries. Each pastor has specific areas of responsibility and oversight. Together they form a circle of leadership that ensures the mission and policies established by the MBC Elder Board are employed in a way that meets the needs of these areas and recognizes that the spirit of the church is realized when they operate in harmony. This benefits both the pastors and the community.

The Ministry Leadership Team (MLT): 

These spiritually-mature professionals support the church and its leadership by focusing on specific areas of operation. Each of these individuals is guided by the goals of MBC and provides support to the pastoral staff.  

The biblically-prescribed standards for pastoral leadership give the local church considerable freedom to develop its own model of leadership in order to most effectively reach its community. Various forms, policies and procedures are employed in well governed churches. A church’s history, size, and the stage of development all influence which of the many forms will be the most effective and appropriate for a given organization at a given time. 

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Sunday service preaching rotation: 

Our weekly Sunday service is the heart of our community. Regular shared time together in worship and fellowship unites us in purpose and encourages our shared vision. Dynamic worship and a rotation of teachers stimulates learning while fostering community. 

  • Pastor Bob Erbig
  • Pastor Dave Hentschel
  • Elder Ed Williams 

Meet the MBC Leadership Team

Bob Erbig
Lead Pastor:
Family Life & Mission

Dave Hentschel
Lead Pastor:
Spiritual Formation & Care

Scott Rajoppi
Sr. Director of Administration & Connections

Marc D’Agusto
Director of

Rachel Rickershauser
Director of Children’s Ministries

Johnny Graves
Director of Youth,
Young Adults & Production Ministries

Support Staff

Carol Hensley
Financial Manager

Heather Wenzel
Communications & Information Manager

Jeffrey Reid
Coordinator of Worship Arts

Kami BW

Kamilla Dening 
Coordinator of Middle
School Ministries

Lenore Tosi
MBC Kids Ministry Assistant

Ron Niessen
Audio/Video Support

Dave Rzewnicki
Facilities Manager

Little Footprints 
Learning Center

Kathy Dolbier – Director

Please visit for information  
about programming and enrollment.

Elder Board

Jeff Callender

Luke Ciannello

*Pastor Bob Erbig 

Gregg Force

Roy Garms (Treasurer)

*Pastor Dave Hentschel

Doug Hulin

Craig McLaughlin (Secretary)

Bob Muller 

Hock Ng

Bill Ohnsorg (Chair)

Jim Romaine

Paul Wilford (Vice Chair)

Caleb Wong

Darren Hernandez (Chair)

* Pastoral Leadership Team members are ex-officio, non-voting members of the MBC Elder board.


Dave Hentschel

Dave Hentschel

Lead Pastor: Preaching,
Spiritual Formation & Care

Contact Dave with any questions


Dave Hentschel

Dave Hentschel

Lead Pastor: Preaching,
Spiritual Formation & Care

Contact Dave with any questions