Day 4 – Eucatastrophe

The kids camp was a lot better today and it was so much fun for all the kids and all the leaders. Throughout the last few days we have seen how the Lord has helped these kids to change in an amazing way.

On Monday, as we started the kids camp we saw a challenge before us, as the kids behaviors were particularly difficult to manage. One certain kid was more of a test for us all and to get him to sit down and do a craft was almost impossible, but as the week went on he became more and more helpful to the leaders. He was offering to help us set up for the cookout and didn’t want anything in return. There were also a lot of other kids who would take things out of peoples hands and carry them to the table without being asked or expecting anything in return. Some kids who would throw their thrash on the floor at the beginning of the week are now throwing it in the trash and telling all the other kids to do the same. During the stations the kids are paying more attention and are being more engaged in conversations. 

All of the leaders are making connections with the kids and their parents. We give the kids an environment that they feel safe in that they might not have been given. The kids feel safe enough to tell us personal and emotions thoughts that they might not be able to tell someone else. In those conversations we are able to talk to the kids about the love of God and show them that they are not as alone as some of them feel. The kids behavior has drastically changed and you can see a change not just in the kids but also in the environment. The kids would run around the area and pick up all the trash off the ground and throw it away which is making their area look a lot cleaner and a lot safer for them.

Overall, the camp has been an amazing experience for both the kids and the leaders and it is really starting to make a difference in the community. Sending our love from Baltimore! See you soon!

KG – July 31st, 2019

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