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Exiles: Between Two Worlds
A Sermon Series in 1 Peter
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What do you think of when you hear the word “exile?” Our minds often run to images people who are cast out, who don’t fit in, who don’t have a home. We think of people who were displaced from their homelands and are suffering greatly. However, if we are honest we feel a hint of exile in our lives as well. This can take the form of a refugee from Syria, but it can also mean the teenager who doesn’t fit in the with the crowd, it can be the person who lost their job and experiences financial burden, it can be the spouse who feels like they are never heard… exiles are living outside of where they long to be. The Apostle Peter writes his first letter to Christian exiles who are experiencing very real persecution and displacement. His response is not one of despair, but one of hope. Even in the midst of our suffering… we can find hope in Christ. As we embrace this secure hope it will change the way we live and allow us to face suffering with the future in mind. Peter’s letter can be summed up in three phrases: LET HOPE IN. HOPE CHANGES THE WAY WE LIVE. HOPE ALLOWS US TO SUFFER WELL. When we get this, we will be more like Jesus. Today, we are exiles living between two worlds; between the Garden and the City. Our current world is tainted by the fall, but our future home, the one we long for and look forward to is one that fills us with inexpressible joy and hope. No matter where you are experiencing exile, as we journey through Peter’s letter we invite you to LET HOPE IN because our Savior has secured the future for us!