Expanding the Table 2020, Vision Refresh 

Have you ever stopped and asked the question… what is God calling our church to be? This mission of every church should be to bring glory to God by living out the Great Commandment and Great Commission. But… how is God specifically calling our church to fulfill this mission in our context? Over the next few weeks, we are going to talk about the vision of MBC. At the end of the day the church is a family… and we are meant to live on mission… we are meant to invite more people to the family table. Our hope is this: That we would be moved, that we would be compelled to expand our table for the glory of God. As we do this… barriers would be broken, relationships would be deepened, and the mission would be fulfilled. 

11/10 – Finding your Seat at the Table
(Time, Talents, Treasure) ~Pastor Dave

11/17 – Making Room at the Table for Others ~Pastor Bob

11/24 – Blowing the Table Up
(2020 Vision Sunday) ~Pastor Dave & Pastor Bob

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Pastor Bob Erbig continues our new vision series, Expanding the Table, with his sermon, Inviting Others to the Table, based on Ephesians 3.
Expanding the table 2020, Archived Sermon Series, Bob Erbig
Pastor Dave Hentschel kicks off our new vision series, Expanding The Table, with his sermon, Finding Your Seat at the Table, based on Luke 14:16-23; Ps 127:1; 2 Tim 2:1-2.
Expanding the table 2020, Archived Sermon Series, Dave Hentschel