Day 5 – Rain Rain It’s Water Day!

The past few days we have been learning about fearing the Lord so today we took the time to talk about what to do with that fear. When you are in awe and are longing for the Lord, you tend to search for ways to please Him and praise Him. The devotion by Lauren Wright says, “All of these examples are like trying to get a tree to bear good fruit without first having good roots in place. It is a completely worthless pursuit.” This means that we can’t grow in our Godliness and grow to be more like Him without first having a healthy and strong relationship with Him.

Today was another amazing day with the kids! We played so many games and made not one but TWO crafts with them. Water day was a huge success even though we had to delay it a few minutes due to some rain. Although it rained, we used it to our advantage and made it tie into our theme of the week, Noah’s Ark. The kids had a blast at water day and the dunk tank was a huge success (we all got soaked and we need a dunk tank at Millington). We saw how the kids changed throughout the week and we saw the Lord step in and take control over them. The kids (and the leaders) were all sad to leave and really hope we can come back one day and even more then that, we made a difference in the kids and parents lives. Excited to return to NJ tomorrow!

TR & KG – 8/1/19

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