The next Volunteer Opportunity is:
March 16-20

 MBC is participating in a new initiative from our partner organization, Feeding Hands. The goal of Neighbor Connect is to spark a “viral” program of neighbor connection that encourages folks to safely connect with their immediate neighbors and “work from home” to feed and care for their neighborhood and community.



Are you in need?  We are here to help.

  1. The first step is to contact Jim Romaine, MBC’s Feeding Hands representative, to find out if there’s a Neighborhood Captain in your area.
  2. If there is a Neighborhood Captain in your area, Jim will connect you with that person so you can obtain needed supplies safely and expediently.
  3. If there are no nearby Neighborhood Captains, we encourage you to visit the Feeding Hands Food Pantry, located at Emmanual Church, 100 Grant Avenue in Somerville. (Please visit the Feeding Hands website to learn more about what to expect on your first visit and what to bring.)

Feeding Hands Mission

Feeding Hands exists to live out God’s commandment to care for the poor by loving and serving our neighbors in need.


We will build an organization of excellence, modeling how to develop programs such as a pantry having a profound impact on both the poor and those who serve them. Service to the poor, when done right, changes the lives of those in need, builds the discipleship walk of those who serve, and glorifies their creator. We will engage the community, especially Christians and their churches, helping them to understand how to utilize their gifts to create vibrant change both inside and outside their walls and hearts.

For more information check out their website.

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