Day 3 – God is in Control

Fearing the unknown is undoubtedly the most common yet lethal fear. The unknown is something so far out of our control yet so easy to cogitate upon. Bad experiences in the past often also dictate our futures, causing us to fear the same thing happening again.

In the Bible, God emphasizes the fact that we do not have the power to control the unknowns. We see this in the many many bible stories that articulate the downfalls of people and even nations who try to tackle the unknown by themselves. God is in control of our lives, and he knows everything that will happen to us from life to death, so it is very important to keep this in mind and cast our problems and fears unto God.

This fear of the unknown applies this week especially as this is many people's first mission trip. However, and as they have been demonstrating the past couple of days, lack of experience and confidence in certain situations is negligible in the path that God has for them!

After a very interesting first day of service, everyone came back to Lakeside with a totally different attitude and work ethic. The night before, we all had a two hour debrief, where we discussed the positives and negatives of everything that went on, especially in the day camp. We changed a few things up, and we many people stepped up and moved to different positions to help better the overall experience and flow of the camp. 

The groups who had problems yesterday immensely improved. Games were a big problem yesterday, but that station undoubtedly was the greatest improvement with the addition of a tent a water jug. Many of the kids were also very engaged in the worship, which is a very great sign that God is streaming into their hearts and through their veins every day. It is such a great sight to see!

Tomorrow will most definitely be the best day yet, but based on what we learned today, tomorrow is not to be pondered upon because God already knows what is going to happen. Regardless, the same energy we had at camp and even more additions to the itinerary will translate into success and the instillation of God not only into these kids, but into ourselves as well!

MM July 30th, 2019

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