Day 1 – Pray and Prepare

Know Fear. 

Sometimes fear can control us in ways we don't know. The importance in "knowing fear" is one of the most valuable pieces of information one can take in on a mission trip. God uses us in ways we haven't imagined- and sometimes, we can deny his call for us out of what? Fear. 

On  a mission trip, fear comes into a big play. We, at any age, no matter how experienced, can always learn more about fear and how to conquer it.

Of course- One can never completely conquer fear- but with the help and power of God, we can at least try.

Today we spent time transitioning into the mission trip. We discussed our plans for the kids camp we will be running and handed out flyers in a community. The kids were very excited to go to camp- I believe that is pure God. 

We don't know how many kids will come. We don't know if it's one kid or 80. All we know is that God had called us here for a reason- a reason worth fulfilling. We will strive our best to accomplish why we're here. Not for ourselves - but for God and God alone. Through that we will Know Fear. 

FH - July 28, 2019

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