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Sunday Morning Classes

Classes are held at 9am on Sunday mornings.

The following are our Adult Education offerings for Spring 2018. Older, younger and in-between are welcome in all classes. Learning is built on a combination of formal instruction and personal relationships that develop as the result of the classes. Review the list, and decide how to best take advantage of what these classes have to offer.

  • Foundations Course - Bill Ohnsorg and others
    Room 201, YFMB - Christian Living Part 1

    We’ll be opening up the six “spiritual markers” that formed the basis of our congregational survey back in 2015 – Worship, Bible Study, Prayer, Living in Community, Serving and Sharing.  Each one will have a week of looking at what Scripture says about it, followed by a week of structured discussion about our own experiences in each area.  Great chance to learn from God’s word and from each other!

  • Women’s Class - Barbara Zellman
    YFMB Great Room, street side - A Cast of Characters

    Come see what an assortment of Biblical figures – some well- known, some not so much, can teach us about obedience and disobedience, faithfulness and unfaithfulness, and how we can order our own lives from the lessons learned.

  • Men’s Class - Bruce Hyldahl
    Room 204 YFMB, 1 Peter

    After taking a week to understand the person of Peter the Apostle, both before and after Pentecost, the class will go deep in his first letter.  Following the theme of “conduct becoming of the people of God”, we’ll explore how that applies to our salvation, our submission, and our suffering.

  • Building Disciples - Maceo Hemmingway
    Room 202, YFMB - Knowing Jesus
    As Christians we are commanded to live as Jesus Christ lived. But how can we model ourselves after Him unless we truly know Him? This class will help you get to know our Lord by spending time in the four Gospels, the Old Testament prophecies, and the apostolic teachings about Jesus.