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Sunday Morning Seminars & Classes

Adult Education

Classes are held at 9am on Sunday mornings.

The path of solid spiritual growth should include a regular immersion in God’s word, whether in the form of a Bible book study or lessons on topics which explore how the truth of Scripture applies to our daily lives.

The following are our Adult Education offerings. Older, younger and in-between are welcome in all classes. Learning is built on a combination of formal instruction and personal relationships that develop as the result of the classes. Review the list, and decide how to best take advantage of what these classes have to offer.

  • Women’s Class - Barbara Zellman
    Great Room, YFMB - Studies in Paul’s letters to the Corinthian church.

  • Men’s Class - Bruce Hyldahl
    Room 204, YFMB - Studies in the First Letter of John

  • Building Disciples - Maceo Hemmingway
    Room 202, YFMB - Knowing Jesus
    Continuing with Knowing Jesus, reflections on the person, life and teachings of Jesus, using material from all four Gospels.

  • Growing Disciples - Jack Kraus NEW!
    Room 201, YFMB - Prayer

    For 10 weeks, we'll examine what the Scriptures and several current and past authors have said on the subject of prayer, with a generous helping of class discussion. This is part of our Spiritual Dimensions courses, first offered to the Sunday Seminar class last spring.
  • New! Sunday Seminar - Pastor Dave Hentschel, Jeff Callender & Ed Williams
    Great Room, YFMB - Me, Myself and God - Overcoming Christian Isolationism
    We will be discussing the book authored by our very own Pastor Dave Hentschel and

    co-authored by Paul Pope. This is a great introduction to the subject of community – why we need each other and how God desires us to be in relationship as His community on earth.
    (This class will begin on Sunday, April 23)