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Belief in an age of Skepticism
Addressing questions on Life & Faith.

Do you know why you believe what you believe? For many followers of Christ, our faith can be assumed until we are challenged with hard questions. Critiques regarding the Bible’s authority, morality, the supernatural, and suffering often catch us off guard if we have not thought them through. The narratives of our culture are losing a sense of the Christian story… leaving many people unsure how to engage their friends, family, and coworkers who don’t hold their same belief system.


Our new sermon series, Belief in An Age of Skepticism, will seek to accomplish two goals: First, we want to equip sincere Christians to articulate their convictions in a winsome and thoughtful manner. But secondly, we want to engage those who are skeptical about the Christian Worldview. There are substantive and critical questions that impact not just our faith, but also our lives, and they require good answers.

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